Dear All,

Last Monday night (the night of the attacks), Rachel Jacobs, a
Brisbane Greens candidate got the emails below sent to her by a friend
who works at Manus Island. She has given permission for her emails to
be circulated.

They give some insight into the horrific events that took place.


Email 1 sent at 3am
“The PNG police have just entered the compound on Manus Island with machine
guns. A client called me and I heard machine gun shots. People are going to
die tonight. There’s nothing on the media because they cleared the ex pats
out of the centre. It’s just the PNG police and locals beating up our
refugees. I called a refugee activist but there’s not much I can do. I’ll
probably lose my job for leaking info.”

Second email sent this morning
Locals breached the fence in mike. Clients ran to fox. Locals (civilian,
g4s, IRT) turned off the power and raided compounds, attacked all clients,
pulled them out of bed. So many injuries. 3 people shot but still alive.
Lots of broken legs, arms. Stab wounds. Bashing to heads, etc with rocks.
The clients in fox hid under the containers and then were dragged out and
beaten. They brought all the injured to the bibby and we treated them on
the wharf. Tsa were all there helping and supporting.

The following are direct statements from asylum seeker clients on manus
island given last night whilst being treated for injuries on the wharf of
the Australian accommodation centre boat the bibby:

Iranian client, he said “I did nothing, I wasn’t involved in the protests,
I was in my room, being good, trying to sleep. They came in my room, 6
local g4s, they dragged me out of my bed and beat me, they had huge rocks
in their hands and they hit my head and my body with them. I was in the
first room, why was I in the first room, they got me because I was in the
first room, I had no chance” .

An iraqi client said “I was in the mess all day helping clean up after last
night, I was helping to hand out good to the other clients, I wasn’t doing
anything bad. The power went out and they were all there beating us with
metal bars, sticks and rocks. We didn’t see them coming”

A Sudanese client said “we were in fox, the clients from mike came in to
fox to run away from the local g4s, all of the gates were locked, we
couldn’t get out. The other g4s left us. We tried to hide under the
containers, but they dragged us out and beat us. We couldn’t get away. The
IRT in their riot gear were attacking us. There were so many”.

A Lebanese client said “they had machine guns, all I could hear was the
fire of their gun, it was like fireworks. There were bullets everywhere.
People got shot. We couldn’t escape. We came here to get away from danger,
we wanted safety, how could this happen? I got attacked by 10 local g4s and
civilians. They were hitting me with big rocks, they hit my head.”


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