Operation Sovereign Murders | The Stringer

Here Immigration Minister Scott Morrison referred to Australia’s appalling Asylum Seeker policies as “Operation Sovereign Murders” before pulling up his Freudian slip and correcting “Murders” with “Borders”.

Another death in immigration custody – Reza Berati – has further indicted Australia’s appallingly woeful immigration abuses. Thousands of Asylum Seekers languish in Kafkaesque conditions – women and men, children and babies. Pregnant mothers have miscarried, illnesses are rife, clinical disorders compounding the multiple traumas that Asylum Seekers endure.

Manus is now demonstrably “war-zone” akin.

The debacle of detention centres on- and offshore, the horrific conditions, the punitive measures and retributions in order to discourage people fleeing to Australia from persecution and the threat to life has put on show Australia’s ugly racisms not only to the rest of the world but also to future generations of Australians – to the children of our children. They will look back, many of them on their ancestors, and deliberate over the inhumanity that our generation dealt out.

via Operation Sovereign Murders | The Stringer.

via Operation Sovereign Murders | The Stringer.


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