Manus Island – An insider’s report

NOTE: This blog was originally posted on the morning of Feb 26 and has been updated Feb 27, Feb 28, March 1, March 3, March 4 and March 7 as more information, interviews and images have become available to me. I cannot confirm or deny whether a number of sources at Manus Island have contacted me with information since communications began, or what employment positions or ranks any person or persons might occupy.

UPDATE, March 3, 2014:

Previously unseen images have been provided to me. I have added three to this blog. The first floor accommodation stairway in the image above (left side) is the location at which the deceased, Mr Barati and two other clients were found, all unconscious. I have been told that all three were ‘transported from the site on riot shields’. Another identical stairway at the rear of each block reportedly allows for easy access/egress and is the route allegedly taken by locals to gain access to clients in rooms once they had ‘breached the rear fence’.

via Manus Island – An insider’s report.

via Manus Island – An insider’s report.

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