Save Our Community | MILLERS POINT

SAVE OUR COMMUNITYThis website’s main purpose is to document and make available a record of the Sydney locality Millers Point, its history and its residents.We do this not to create an archive to substitute for the living community, but to reflect that community as vibrant and multilayered, where the residents should have the right to continue to live and extend the deep history of the place.This right has been ignored and over-ridden by the 2014 Government of NSW, which has uprooted public housing residents in order to make millions of dollars by selling the residents’ homes to the highest bidder.While it’s not the role of this website to protest against that policy, other than by illustration of what will be lost if it continues, there are ways you can help save our community. We encourage you to become a Friend of Millers Point. You can do this simply by emailing and telling us your name and suburb. There is no cost, your details will remain confidential, and you can opt out at any time.F

via Save Our Community | MILLERS POINT.

via Save Our Community | MILLERS POINT.


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