Can Millers Point Fight Gentrification? |

Can Millers Point Fight Gentrification?By Evan JonesKeywords: nswsocial housingmillers pointbarry o’farrellgreg pearceBuildings are an asset but people are a cost. That’s how the O’Farrell Government sees social housing – especially in valuable parts of Sydney, like Millers Point, writes Evan JonesIn October 2012 the O’Farrell Government announced that it intended to sell off the entire public housing stock at Millers Point in inner Sydney.Millers Point is of enormous historical significance. It was the hub from which Sydney Cove traded with the Old World and housed the coastal shipping link to other colonial settlements. It was the early home to merchant princes and the long term home to the labour that moved the goods.Millers Point is bordered on its east by the commercialised touristy neighbour, The Rocks, under which latter name it is regularly subsumed.Carved out from historic Millers Point on its west is Barangaroo. Formerly East Darling Harbour, or “the Hungry Mile” to its wharfies, it was destined for redevelopment with the decision to move all commercial shipping to Botany Bay. Contrary to public and expert opinion, the O’Farrell Government is planning a white collar enclave plus high roller casino for Barangaroo.The NSW Finance Minister, Greg Pearce, claimed:”Inevitably, when considering the future of Millers Point, the government needs to consider it in the context of all of the surrounding areas, including the Barangaroo redevelopment area.”

via Can Millers Point Fight Gentrification? |

via Can Millers Point Fight Gentrification? |


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