An open casket

I wasn’t even going to save the photo because I prefer to remember my son as a healthy, funny, hyperactive clown. But this is what I live with now — the memory of a gaunt, pain-wracked young man. If Mike had been able to get the colonoscopies he needed, he would still be the person I want to remember. Instead, we as a society refuse to extend care to all human beings, and 17,000 people die each year in states that have refused to expand Medicaid to cover people in poverty. In North Carolina alone, that number is 2,800. That’s seven people a day. Seven human beings who were loved by their family and friends, just as my son was. I helped organize a die-in this last week in Raleigh, and the eulogist, Rev. Dr. William Barber II, suggested we have open-casket funerals for the people who die from lack of care so people can see the result of our state’s politicians’ uncaring attitude toward the lives of the people they are supposed to be serving.

Source: An open casket

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