UN condemns ‘Australia’s Guantanamo Bay’ – 25/02/2014

SARAH FERGUSON, PRESENTER: The past weeks violence on Manus Island has overshadowed the plight of another group of asylum seekers who face an equally bleak future. About 50 people officially recognised as refugees are currently detained within Australia with no prospect of being released after receiving negative security assessments from ASIO. In a scathing judgment last year, the United Nations found indefinite detention was cruel and inhuman in breach of UN conventions and ordered the detainees be released this week and paid compensation. As Conor Duffy reports the UN’s deadline has just expired and the Government shows no sign of budging. CONOR DUFFY, REPORTER: Behind the barbed wire at detention centres across the country is a group of people with no hope of release. They are the indefinitely detained. Among them is 32-year-old Sri Lankan Ravi entering his 5th year of detention. RAVI, INDEFINITE DETAINEE, MELBOURNE IMMIGRATION CENTRE: So we feel we are dying here, we are going to be buried here. So our lives will end in this place.

Source: UN condemns ‘Australia’s Guantanamo Bay’ – 25/02/2014


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