Two years on – MILLERS POINT

TWO YEARS ONIn March 2014 all social housing tenants in Millers Point, Dawes Point and The Rocks were told they would be ‘relocated’ within two years and their homes sold. A team of twenty Relocation Officers were assigned to the community with the sole task of moving people out. Two years on and the area appears mostly derelict and abandoned – houses boarded up, security guards checking doors of vacant properties at all hours of the day and night, and properties covered with hoardings and scaffolding as new owners commence the urgent repairs the government never did, but amongst the apparent dereliction are a few Save Millers Point banners, about eighty remaining social housing tenants, and almost as many new owners who have moved in and by and large have supported retaining some of the social housing tenants, especially those with long connections to the area.On the day that marked two years surviving the pressure of the Relocation Officers, the community held a march down Kent Street followed by a rally and picnic on the Village Green. It was a day of celebration, and also a moment to take stock and look for what might be the final solution for the Save Millers Point campaign. (See here for photos and stories of the march and rally.)

Source: Two years on – MILLERS POINT


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