Alan Moore – Momentum Northants

As an anarchist, as someone who believes neither in leaders nor the means by which we select them, I’m obviously at something of a disadvantage when it comes to making political endorsements of any kind. That said, I wasn’t born an anarchist. I was born to an ordinary working-class couple in the closest thing that Northampton has to a ghetto, and I was raised with the probably simplistic but heartfelt belief that it was the duty of our family and people like us to vote Labour since Labour, unambiguously, was the party of the working people. Back then in the 1950s, my parents’ belief was based not on wistful idealism but on the insurmountable fact that the post-war Labour government had introduced a National Health Service and had allowed access to free education for their children. These were simple, unsophisticated people who felt that their class had taken the brunt of the Second World War, and who looked upon the promise of a fairer future as a well-deserved reward for their hardships. I wish both of them had survived longer, of course I do, but at the same time I am somehow glad that they were both gone by 1997 and thus never lived to have their hearts broken by the advent of Tony Blair and his rebranded Diet-Tory New Labour party. In the decades since then, had they witnessed this country’s purported left wing, I’m confident that they wouldn’t have had the first idea what they were looking at. The thing that they believed in and fought for has become unrecognisable and completely inimical to all working class principles and values.

Source: Alan Moore – Momentum Northants


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